Finvest Příbram s.r.o.
Náměstí TGM 1
261 01 Příbram 1
+420 318 628 777
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Finvest Pribram s.r.o.

FINVEST is here for small and medium companies that are looking for comprehensive and professional services in fields, which include economics and economic-entrepreneurial consultancy. Finvest was established in 1994 and continues to operate successfully by the two original partners who both have extensive work experience in the Banking and ccounting fields. The company has been expanding annually and employing a new skilled staff member each year

The company makes sure that the employees regularly update their qualifications. The Finvest partners mainly supervise this. The employees regularly participate in professional development workshops both externally and internally. New staff members are employed only after a thorough selection process. They have to complete a trial period of employment and succesfully pass an examination ( atestace ) before securing their position within the company and acquire their own client base.

The location of the company at the main square demonstrates the growth and importance of the company. It is emphasized by the exclusive address:
Namesti TGM 1, Pribram 1, P.O.Box 111. The company name Finvest and its logo is officially registered to offer the economic services previously outlined. Currently the company has 10 employees. Most of them have additional qualifitications in areas such as law, tax, salaries/wages, HW + SW, loans and financial analysis.

Finvest belongs to the category of medium economic companies. It is big enough to keep up to date with the latest economic-entrepreneurial legistation and to compensate for any unexpected absence of an employee without negatively influencing overall company performance. There is the capacity ( within certain limits ) to increase the number of company clients. When necessary a new employee is hired in a competitive selection process.

The company is situated in the mining town of Pribram. This indicates the range of its clients. Most of them come from this district, but also from neighboring areas including Praque ( 50km from Pribram ). Finvest liaises with other companies in the Czech Republic and abroad. The company does not try to create a prestigious image with costly media coverage. This has been achieved through high quality services and satisfied clients.

Finvest offers these services:

• Single and double entry accounting, wages and salaries
• Random and scheduled controls of independently managed accounts
• Tax advice, tax optimisation, calculations and analysis
• Tax returns, delay of tax till the 30.6.
• Representation at financial institutions by proxy loans projects (dealing with banks and brokers' services)
• Assistance with entrepreneurial intentions, alternative financing
• Assistance with establishing associations and business societies
• Other economic-entrepreneurial services according to the clients's wishes
• Solutions for companies collecting debts